Sunday: 9:45 AM Sunday school 11:00 AM Worship 5:00 PM Connection Groups, Children activities, & Youth Activities (Feb - May; Sept-Nov) Wednesday: 11:30 AM Noon Meal, prayer and Bible Study 5:30 pm Evening meal, Prayer and bible study 6:00 Children's Bible study & Youth bible study 7:00 - Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal Thursday: 7:00 am Men's bible study

Click here to order one of our 2019 Summer Missions T-Shirts. All proceeds go directly to helping our summer missions efforts to spread the gospel.

Local Missions:

Monthly Missions Moments: Listed below are our monthly mission partnerships. Pray about how you can be part of reaching our community for Christ.


January: Partnership with Families First

February: Mission Mississippi

March: Arms of Mercy

April: Hopewell Community Church

May: Camp Looking Glass

NAMB & IMB Mission opportunities:

We are currently in the process of finalizing our partnerships for 2019. Short term Mission opportunities will be announced soon. Begin praying how God would have you be a part of the following teams:

- IMB Mission Team to Osaka, Japan - June 16-24th

- NAMB - The Journey Church New York City - July 13-20 2019

- New Churches Now - Mission Team to Albania - October 18-28